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Monday, June 03, 2013

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Left with not much in the aftermath of a major Tornado, Oklahomans are set to take on a near impossible task, rebuilding again. The folks of Moore just like those of Barnesville, WI, have a daunting job ahead of them. First sifting through the scattered debris for any salvageable belongings, then removing the mess left behind. Of course this was not the first time this town has been targeted by massive storms and perhaps may not be the last. However, this may be the last one to take so many lives. I'm a firm believer in building codes; they insure safer, better-constructed structures. The new building codes for the Moore area include shelters to be constructed on each property. These codes will not stop the devastation of property but will restrict the loss of life. Buildings can be replaced, lives, not so much. The few, who did have a shelter in place, were extremely thankful to have had one to escape to.

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Rebuilding a storm-ravaged area is not an easy task; first you have to mark the streets. That's right, street signs; otherwise it would be near impossible to know where you are. Afterwards there is debris removal, location of utilities and then start staking out property lines before any building can commence. The estimated cost per home for a storm shelter is roughly about $4000, for living in what is characterized as Tornado Alley, this is a good investment to insure the safety of your family. 

As for expediting permits I would believe the local municipalities have some options in getting these approved so that the building contractors can get right to work on the rebuilding process. As I have taken a weekend between the start of this blog and today, Oklahoma has been targeted again by a track of storms which have cleared out more homes which will need to be repaired or replaced. The rebuilding process will be a lengthy one, hopefully a majority of those who have become homeless will be able to find adequate housing till the inventory of required homes is fulfilled.

We at the Simple Build Group have reached out to the local Home Builders Association in offering our software to all home builders in the area without any annual fee's. It is the least we can offer to an area which so desperately needs all the help they can muster.

With all that said, we pray for better weather.



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