Change Is Hard

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Why is change so hard? Explore the psychology behind change resistance before you implement your next bright idea on the job site.

In our last blog, we talked about low-cost construction technology changes that were also easy to implement. But, we may have gotten ahead of ourselves! You and your team of home builders have to first be open to new ideas and technologies before your crew and staff will adopt them.

Nobody likes change but especially not those of us in the design-build industry. We like our coffee black (and the coffee pot at work will do, thank-you-very-much), we like our trusty pickup truck and we like to keep life simple. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is something we tell ourselves when we know damn well there’s a better way.

So is adopting a better way the problem or is it our resistance to change that’s the real problem?

We are going through some changes of our own this year and, for us, resistance to change was very real. For several years, we stuck it out with our DIY website and logo and we kept development changes to only the must-haves. We were doing the bare minimums on social media and other marketing avenues. Instead, our time was spent with our clients; after all, we are customer service people at heart. In essence, we were “too busy” for change (or so we thought), which is just a code word for resistant or scared.

What did we do about our change resistance? How did it go?

Admittedly, once we set out on this new path - our “remodel” - we wanted our construction management software in pristine condition before we spent time and money promoting it. And today, our software for home builders is better than it’s ever been. That left us with absolutely no excuses.

It’s not finished yet but our new website is in process and you’ll see more posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Because connecting with you is important as is improving your user experience. As a technology company, we have to be current with the latest web and social technologies. Anything less would be hypocritical since our job is asking you to implement change!

What are some things you can do to roll out changes in your workplace?

So, what’s really behind change resistance and what can you do about it? The Harvard Business Review wrote about the Ten Reasons People Resist Change and the article still shows up on the first page of Google years later. We’ve iterated their top-notch list below (click through for the full article).

Though people won’t always feel comfortable with change, there is a methodology behind each reason for resistance. Your job as the boss is to minimize the discomfort that comes along with the changing times.  

  • Loss of control - Provide autonomy and choices where possible
  • Excess uncertainty - Be clear in the changes and the process behind them
  • Surprise, surprise - Nobody likes forced surprises so plant some seeds and don’t make any (seemingly) sudden moves
  • Everything seems different - We are creatures of habit so have a good reason for your changes...and share them (or some of them)
  • Loss of face - Explain that change doesn’t mean that what your staff was doing was wrong, but that the world is changing and we are just trying to keep up
  • Concerns about competence - People will want to resist feeling stupid, so consider easing the transition, perhaps with a period of overlap
  • More work - Create a dedicated team to focus solely on implementation when possible
  • Ripple effects - Change is far-reaching, consider everyone affected and act accordingly
  • Past resentments - Heal the old wounds before forging ahead with the new procedures
  • Sometimes the threat is real - What happens when new technology replaces people? Be upfront, honest and humane. Rip the proverbial Band-Aid© quickly rather than dragging things out.

The tone of the workplace comes from the top down, so when leaders understand the psychology behind change resistance - which happens even when change is for the better - the easier it is to implement that new technology, equipment, etc. Change is hard but we’re looking forward to the fruits of our labor and surely you will too!

If you’re inspired and feeling ready for a small change, sign up for one of our 30-minute web-based construction management demos and we’ll return the favor by entering you into our weekly tablet giveaway!  

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