Has SimpleBuild made building Simple?

Listen to what our building community thinks of SimpleBuild...

Ryan Windmiller, Aspen Homes


"I wanted to take a minute and let you know how much SimpleBuild has changed our business and my personal life for the better. It is hard to explain every reason, but first and foremost it is great for my clients, and they LOVE IT! They feel that they have more trust because they can see what is changing with numbers if they change a selection or ask for a change order. They also enjoy having all the job information and pictures at their fingertips even when they are traveling. The software shows them how organized we are, and that has sold us many jobs over our competition. Secondly, my team loves working with it, as they can be much more organized and efficient. The also can keep subs accountable for their performance. Overall it saves us a lot of time and money, keeps my employees happy, my subs loyal, and my clients word of mouth marketing is priceless!"

Scott Lewis, Scott Lewis Homes


“We have been using Simple Build for about 2 years now and we really love it. Our clients have all been really impressed with the program as well as our sub contractors. It’s been a great tool to help us during the bidding process and throughout the entire build. The process of closing a house has been much smoother since we began using SimpleBuild. It's an amazing sales tool for clients building their first home, clients that have extremely busy work schedules, and simple enough to use for clients building their last home during retirement.“

Homebuyer Shirish Tangirala

"SimpleBuild is literally the simplest tool for centralizing the information about building a home. In over 15 years of using and developing software myself, I have found SimpleBuild to be one of the better tools to manage the life cycle of a project. The home building life cycle is a very rewarding, and at the same time a daunting process. SimpleBuild is a tool that strikes the perfect balance of giving great insight and details about all the tedious details that go into designing, contracting, approving and scheduling during the home building process. It is very simple, intuitive, and effective. We have immensely enjoyed designing and building our house and a great part of that was because the SimpleBuild took a lot of stress off in terms of keeping track of the things that would have otherwise been overlooked."

Customer Service

Windmiller Design Staff

"I just wanted to touch base and tell you something that I've been meaning to tell you for a while now…I think Tim is wonderful! He is so helpful and knowledgeable and timely with everything and I really appreciate him and all of his help. Any time one of our subs has a question or issue that I can't answer, he is right on it and helps them and it's great. He's awesome at communicating with them and then, in turn, with me about their issue and the 'fix'. I am so not with it when it comes to computer stuff, so his help is always such a relief. The subs of ours that he has helped have all said the same great things about Tim. I just wanted you to know :-)" - Joni