Our Story

SimpleBuild is a Web Based Construction Management for Custom Home Builders & Re-Modelers. We help close more potential clients with efficient and reliable operating procedures.

Our Mission is to help homebuilders and re-modelers achieve effective and efficient building processes, while engaging homebuyers to have enjoyable building experiences. The result will yield successful and profitable projects, happy customers with projects that stay on time and budget, and help build better partnerships with contractors and suppliers.

Simple Build Group is an innovative company that developed the industry’s first online construction management program designed by a team of builders, contractors, and their customers. Our goal is to create an efficient building process for homebuilders or re-modelers, and ultimately create a platform for customers to participate and enjoy the project of their dreams.

SimpleBuild has a unique view of the building process whether you are constructing a custom new home or renovating a new space in your current dwelling. Our team of homebuilders understands the frustrations a homebuilder might find during the life cycle of a project, and wanted to create a solution to make the most efficient and profitable building experience. We invited past and present homebuyers to join our team to help us understand what it is like on both sides of the building equation. The result, an easy to use online project management system that eliminates project mistakes, opens communications with project teams, and makes homebuyers enjoy building projects made SIMPLE!